About Us

Our mission is to source quality products at competitive prices by forging and maintaining business relationships with diverse suppliers who share our passion for providing a first rate service.

Our rate of growth has been spectacular but the greatest satisfaction is derived from the loyalty, firm friendships and business relationships we have managed to foster with leading manufacturers, clients and suppliers around the world.

We have invested in new technology and we study satellite enhanced weather patterns and can, at a moment's notice, ensure crop positions damaged in one hemisphere can be rapidly supplemented from the other.  We realise our clients cannot afford to be without quality product and we have a reputation for delivering the goods whatever the agricultural catastrophe. All our supply companies are fully audited on a regular basis and high calibre quality control is a vital part of the Ulrich Food Group approach.

Extensive business is contracted with Frozen Chicken, Frozen Fish, Frozen Porks and Oil in IQF, aseptic, canned dehydrated or chilled form, although the main concentration of the business is IQF. We number among our clients major ready meal, pizza and baby food manufacturers together with the very best retail packers. 

About the building

The Ulrich Food Group offices at Winsbergring 38, Hamburg hold a long and interesting past and started out life in the 15th century as 'Church House', originally a market place with open lower floors and a thatched roof.

Provision for the establishment of a boys school (known as Dr Müller's) was made in the will of the Rector William Schneider, who died in 1624. The school was then established in Church House in the same year. The curate of the parish was the schoolmaster. The school was there for nearly 300 years until 1905 when it moved to its current location in Bahrenfeld. The inscription '1624' over the door was inserted in the 19th century.